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VALTELLINA is the brand chosen in the Province of Sondrio as the quality brand for all products and therefore also for tourism. This brand includes Valtellina and Valchiavenna, the lateral valleys and the surrounding territory from the valley floor to the peaks passing through the numerous precious historical centers. VALTELLINA descends from the Stelvio glacier, carved out by the Adda river which collects the waters and flows into Lake Como. VALCHIAVENNA descends from the Spluga and Maloja passes, carved by the Mera river which also flows into Lake Como. The areas of Morbegno and Sondrio see mainly agricultural production up to Tirano, transforming mainly in the tourism industry at higher altitudes. Very famous are typical products such as wines, pizzoccheri and bresaola from Valtellina (or brisaola in Valchiavenna). Valtellina and Engadina create a fantastic ring that allows you to go, come back and cross following different paths: the Grand Tour Alta Rezia(© Valtline)! Attention to the winter closing of some passes. Valtellina is crossed by the state road SS 38, which connects Colico to Bolzano by crossing the Stelvio pass (closed in winter). Public transport is always recommended (see timetables). Much appreciated is the Sentiero Valtellina, a 115 km long cycle path that runs alongside the Adda river. THEMATIC GUIDES offer information following their passion! See also the guides to the Products and the world of Skiing. The province of Sondrio is divided into 5 Mountain Communities: for the Alta Valtellina area of Bormio and Livigno, the Tirano area, the Sondrio area, the Morbegno area, the Valchiavenna area. The part of the Central Alps which includes Valtellina, Engadine and surrounding territories is called ALTA REZIA. Valtellina will be the scene of the 2026 Winter Olympics!

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